eco-friendly showersPeople who love spas but hate the idea of wasting water will be happy to learn that they can have their steam room and sit in it too, thanks to Mr. Steam. The company provides residential steam generators that are a great alternative to traditional shower systems due to their reduced water usage and health benefits.

Each 20-minute steam shower only uses about two gallons of water (compared to almost 160 gallons for a simple three-headed shower system or 75 gallons for a typical whirlpool bath). With Mr. Steam, you can feel good about helping the environment and helping yourself.

For those who don’t know, steam has many benefits and can assist with:

  • Sleep problems: Not getting enough rest? Steamtherapy can relieve stress and provide the relaxation your body needs to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Congestion: Steam can penetrate your airways, improving breathing while clearing out harmful materials.
  • Muscle recovery: The healing power of steam can reduce lactic acid build-up in muscles, which means you’ll be less sore after exercise.
  • Skin conditions: Steamtherapy can be more cleansing than soap and water by going deep into pores.

In addition to residential steam generators, Mr. Steam offers towel warmers and spa packages – providing everything you need to feel refreshed and ready to face the day.

For more information on steam bath benefits, visit the Mr. Steam website.

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