When you toss all of your glass recyclables together and leave them at the curb, do you ever wonder what that bottle of wine or salad dressing jar will become? Do you ever buy recycled items and wonder what their previous lives were?

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, Vetrazzo offers unique countertops that each tell their own story. Vetrazzo is a unique surface comprised of glass and concrete. All glass is recycled and makes up about 83 percent of the final material by weight. Each shard of glass in the countertops tells a story. The largest proportion of glass comes from curbside recycling programs, but glass also comes from post industrial usage, dinnerware, stemware, automotive windshields, stained glass, laboratory glass and other unusual sources such as decommissioned traffic lights. When a buyer purchases Vetrazzo, a Certificate of Transformation is provided, revealing exactly where the glass in the countertop came from.

For residents in the Southeast, Vetrazzo is especially eco-friendly, being manufactured just north of Atlanta in the sleepy town of Tate, Ga.

For more information or to decide if Vetrazzo countertops are right for your eco-remodel, visit the Construction Resources website.

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