by Megan McLaughlin

We’re all familiar with Target’s bright red bulls eye symbol, but does everyone know about Target’s push to be a bit more Eco-friendly. Now, everyone’s favorite, trendy, cost-effective and convenient department store is offering an array of Eco-friendly products. Still affordable and smarter than ever, Target has been turning very greener every chance it gets.

Online shopping is super quick and easy at and this is the best place to see all of the Eco-friendly products they offer. Target’s Eco-friendly page breaks items down into categories like “Home Essentials,” “Kitchen + Dining,” and “Apparel + Gear.” Under Home Essentials, for example, you will find many bedding sets, pillowcases and other bedroom/bathroom needs made from natural materials, bamboo and 100% organic cotton.

From baby clothes to water filters and cookware products, reusable bags and home decor made from recycled materials, Target is offering some great, green solutions that won’t break the bank. Next time you go to make a purchase from a department store, consider what you can do for the environment by choosing to shop at Target. You can go green and save: stay on Target!

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