by Megan McLaughlin

Summer is wrapping up quickly and you may not have given school a single thought yet! However, now is the time to get ready to hit the books again and, this year, you should consider trying it the green way! There are tons of school supplies that are better for the environment and you don’t even have to special order or scour the earth to find them. Most of these supplies can be found right in your usual stores…you just need to know what to look for!

According to an article on called Green Pencils and Pens, “Every year Americans discard 1.6 million pens. Placed end to end, they would stretch 151 miles—equivalent to crossing the state of Rhode Island almost four times!” Another article on, Best Cool Green School Supplies, offers great solutions to the anti-green school supply issue. Here are some tips to remember when shopping for school or office supplies this fall:

– If you’re looking for pencils, find some that are made from recycled materials
– Buy paperclips that are made from recycled steel
– Find a staple-free stapler (so cool)!
– Buy cardboard notebooks and recycled paper
– Stop using paper bags for your lunch!

If you’re still wondering how you can start off the school year on a green foot, check out some of these blog articles on

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