New parents can use all the help they can get when it comes to creating the healthiest possible environment for a new baby. Don’t worry because now there are more options than ever for ecofriendly furniture, floors and paints.

According to, a green nursery is a simple nursery. Here are a few tips and ideas for a safe, ecofriendly nursery for you and your new baby.

Ecofriendly Walls

-Use low-VOC or zero-VOC paint. Read about five great ecofriendly paint options here.

-If your older home contains lead paint buried beneath layers of new paint, carefully sand and paint over any chipping paint. If you are pregnant, hire someone to do this. Pay special attention to window sashes where paint chips tend to accumulate.

-Want to use green wallpaper? Try Kimberly Lewis for ecofriendly wallpapers made in Brooklyn and Phillip Jeffries for natural-fiber and grass-cloth wallpapers. This will add the perfect touch for the new nursery.

Healthy Flooring

-If able to, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting because the glue and backing of the carpet tends to contain high levels of chemicals that can affect the air quality. Also, these carpets also tend to trap dust, dirt and allergens. If you are worried about bare floors, buy a small carpet for your little one.

-If wall-to-wall carpeting is a must, look for 100 percent natural fibers with vegetable dyes and a latex backing. Try Green Depot’s baby carpet!

Green Furniture

-There is no need to buy new furniture for the whole room. Use your small bookcase for holding the baby’s toys and books, and use a small dresser as a changing table with a pad placed on top.

-Buy a new crib that meets today’s safety standards but look for vintage rockers, dressers, shelves and child-size furniture if you want a more vintage appearance. Check your crib’s standards on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

-Try using a green mattress for the baby to sleep on. Traditional mattresses are filled with fire retardants and other chemicals that give off harmful fumes so consider using Naturepedic for organic, chemical-free mattresses.

For more information on green design trends, visit the website. For green trends in Atlanta real estate, visit Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

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