foreclosures and green housesWe all know people who proudly proclaim to help the environment. However, when asked about our own efforts to “go green,” some of us struggle to provide great examples. If this ever happens to you, you could always explain that you do your part thanks to residential steam showers from Mr. Steam.

But how exactly does showering reduce resource usage? Quizzical looks from friends may quickly turn into appreciative nods when you tell them that each 20-minute steam shower only uses about two gallons of water. When compared to the higher consumption from other showering methods, it’s easy to see the benefits of Mr. Steam products.

If your friends still aren’t convinced, you could always remind them that each home steam room generator is made from recyclable stainless steel and that the packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable materials.

But really, no matter what your friends think, you’re the one who knows the truth: You should be proud to steam. Whether it’s enjoying health benefits or reducing your impact on the environment, using a steam shower is both a luxury and a responsible alternative to other shower systems.

If you’d like to discover more about the power of steam, visit the Mr. Steam website.

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