Green is definitely one of the “buzz” words within the housing industry, but it isn’t always easy being green. However, with a few simple changes, you’ll no longer just be green with envy.istock photo

  1. Use plant-based cleaners. Green cleaners can make all of the difference by reducing air pollution and exposure to asthma and allergy triggers. Make sure you check the backs of your cleaners for a complete list of ingredients!
  2. Can’t afford a hybrid car? Eat less meat. By exchanging one meal a week for some yummy pasta and the much-needed veggies, you can reduce a large amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted when raising livestock.
  3. Free Range Beef. Look for labels like free-range, organic, no-hormone and no- antibiotic when buying beef.
  4. Shade your Home. By adding insulation to leaky walls, windows and doors, you can save your home’s energy seepage by 20 to 30 percent. Not in your budget? Try thermal shades to block the sun during the summ
    er and retain the heat during the winter.
  5. Go Cultural. Copy the Japanese and leave your shoes by the door. Not only does this prevent bacteria and outdoor smells in the house, but it also prevents chemicals and pesticides from entering the home.
  6. Go Back to Glass. Did you know that heating plastics in the microwave can leak compounds like bispherol-A or BPA? Don’t be fooled by “microwave-safe” plastics, which can only withstand a higher temperature before losing their shape. Try glass and ceramics instead.
  7. Be thrifty. For every item of clothing donated, approximately 27 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced. Be charitable. Be thrifty. Be green. Visit
  8. Safe Pots and Pans. Choose iron, enamel coated cast iron and st
    ainless steel pots and pans. Non-stick pans are convenient, but the coating can be scraped into food.
  9. What’s in your fragrance? Many fragrances have harmful chemicals that are believed to disrupt hormones and disrupt the ecosystem when washed down the drain. Read labels to find fragrances with essential oils.
  10. Bug Off Bug Spray! Prevention is the best method to get rid of pesky pests. Many pesticides and bug sprays have harmful chemicals that get emitted into the air. If you do need pest control, try your greener alternatives.

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