Did you know that you can get a tax credit for all of the energy-efficient, water conserving and green products in your home? The government is doing what they can to encourage more builders to construct green homes and homeowners to renovate their homes with green features. It’s pretty obvious why you get so many breaks for your eco-friendly features – we absolutely need to decrease our carbon footprint and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

In addition to the tax benefits, energy-efficient and water-conserving features will reduce the amount of money you spend every month on your utility bills. Choosing a green built home and green renovations is definitely an investment in which you will receive the pay-off in the long run. Don’t let the higher up front prices deter you from making the switch because they will more than pay for themselves over the years.

For anyone living in metro Austin that is looking for a green home builder or a green remodeler, look no further than Sterling Custom Homes. The company is comprised of many green building experts who have earned their Certified Green Professional designation from the NAHB. Whatever questions you may  have about environment-friendly technologies, they will be able to answer them. So, for your next home or home renovation, seek out Sterling Custom Homes and go green!

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