ID Theft Protection PaperlessToday’s smartphone users have a variety of mobile apps to choose from that will check your credit score, file a claim with your insurance company, and even connect you to websites that discuss

ID theft protection. All of this can now be done from the palm of your hand without having to waste paper, make trash or be delivered by mail.

An article from the Equifax Finance Blog called, “

Access Insurance Resources from Your Smartphone,” offers excellent tips to consumers for using some of the available mobile apps.

For example, homeowners can quickly and easily use their insurance app to file a claim for stolen or damaged goods. This could help during sudden disasters at your home, such as the unfortunate events of Hurricane Sandy this past October, because in that situation multiple claims were being filed and time was of the essence.

Mobile auto insurance apps are also a useful choice for smartphone users, although some features of the ‘free’ apps may require you to pay for help, depending on your policy. Auto insurance apps vary per business, but generally offer a means to file minor accidents using a simple checklist, take photos of automobile damage and record the details of your wreck. Some apps, like the one from Allstate, even use GPS to offer their clients 24-hour roadside assistance.

For more information about useful mobile apps, ID protection or to answer question such as, “what is a credit score?” please visit the Equifax Finance Blog today!

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