ENERGY STAR is your resource for information on Energy EfficiencyThe National Association of Home Builders is trying to help increase the amount of green building in the nation by taking it to our lawmakers. They recently approached Congress with an idea on how to promote residential energy efficiency and sustainability technology by extending tax incentives for new energy-efficient homes. Currently builders who construct a home certified to achieve a 50% reduction in energy use are eligible to receive a $2,000 tax credit, but this credit is set to expire at the end of the year. Real estate industry professionals have been trying to encourage Congress to extend it, and there is currently pending legislation in the House and Senate but no agreement between the two chambers. Without the tax incentive, many new builders may cease producing green new homes, which will be a tremendous set back in the strides we have taken in progressing with the green building industry. If the benefits of building green do not outweigh the costs, then builders and developers will stop doing it. Let’s hope that Congress extends the tax incentive so that we can continue to move forward with the green building initiative.

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