Kroger LogoMost native Atlantans are familiar with the “Disco Kroger” in Midtown, which received its nickname back in the 70’s due to its prime location next to one of the hottest discotheques in town. While it has proudly carried this name for decades, even though the happening club that dubbed it the “Disco Kroger” has long been closed, the time has come for this Kroger to be known for something other than a “Saturday Night Fever.” Closing on May 30 to begin renovations, the grocery store will be revamped to bring new Fresh Fare food. The Fresh Fare food initiative by Kroger is an attempt to help promote a green lifestyle by offering organic and natural foods as well as gourmet prepared items. For those that strive to live a healthy, environmentally-friendly existence, this is the first and only “green” Kroger in Atlanta and only one of a handful in the entire country.

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