by Megan McLaughlin

Fall is here and the summer season has left us for good. No more trips to the beach or summer BBQs by the pool. It is bitter sweet. The warm and inviting glow of summer ends, but as the crisp, clean colors and scents of fall usher in you are still longing for a weekend getaway or a pre-holiday season retreat. Plan a fall getaway in eco-friendly style.

A great place to start researching a wonderful trip is EcoTour, “your source for planning an eco holiday.” Whether you’re looking for a big vacation or a little 3-day weekend road trip, you can get some great ideas from EcoTour!

So what is Ecotourism? According to EcoTour, “The aim of our Ecotourism Resource Centre is to act as an informative guide for users about the concept of Ecotourism. In addition, useful resources have been provided to further increase understanding & provide guidance for ecotravel.” For EcoTours, many activities include getting in touch with nature; hiking, biking, mountain climbing, camping. These are some eco-friendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint while taking a break from the everyday. Even if its just for a weekend or even a day, take a quick trip to immerse yourself in some of the beautiful fall foliage the earth has to offer!

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