By Megan McLaughlin

Follow host Josh Dorfman on his quest to save the planet – one wasteful couch potato at a time! With help from a professional “mixologist,” a “hypermiler” and other environmental experts, Sundance Channel’s original new series, THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST is sure to help change wasteful ways!

Josh Dorfman, the author of The Lazy Environmentalist, now has his own show, featured on the Sundance Channel. His theory is that making good environmental choices shouldn’t cause you to drastically alter the way you live your life or make any sacrifices. On his brand new show, Dorfman finds ways to prove his point. From finding organic and local foods for a chef to improving the gas mileage for a courier service and teaching some frat boys how to help the environment and themselves!

On his website, Dorfman explains, “I love this challenge because it’s an opportunity to demonstrate to people that greening their actions is not only better for the planet, but also for them, in terms of their quality of life. He knows its hard for a lot of people to acknowledge global warming when it doesn’t seem like there is a real, straightforward plan for solving the issue, and that’s why he’s here to show you how to take some easy steps in the right direction.

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