Ever thought about how much water and energy you waste in your home each day? Not turning off a light after you leave the room; taking extra long showers; having the TV on, but not watching it or doing excessive amounts of laundry. These are just a few ways you may find yourself wasting. And hey, everyone does it!

As humans, we tend to over-consume, which results in a great deal of waste in the world. We need to be more conscious of the effects of our decisions on the environment. Fortunately, there are a few options that can help us in the efforts to be more sustainable. Most appliances in older homes tend to over-use water and energy. For example, a regular shower head uses much more water than a low-flow fixture. In fact, by using a low-flow shower head, you can use as much water in 15 minutes as a nine minute shower with a regular shower head. Essentially earning six more minutes of water with a water-saving shower head.

As a consumer, you can choose to be more conscious of your decisions, or you can update your appliances and let them do the work for you. Of course, it is ideal to use these appliances and also reduce your usage in order to get optimal results. Check out this infographic on Acting Green vs. Buying Green to compare the two.

Acting Green vs. Buying Green
Source: eLocal.com

Written by Jaclyn Nicholson with eLocal

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