earthhour.jpgYes, March 29, 2008 is going to be the night that the lights go out in Atlanta. The World Wildlife Fund recently announced that Atlanta has joined Earth Hour 2008 as an official supporting city. When approached with the invitation to make Atlanta the representative of the Eastern Time Zone, she jumped at the opportunity. After all it does support her recently “Sustainable Atlanta” environmental initiative. This is going to be Atlanta’s way to illustrate their concern and commitment to the environment and finding a solution to the climate change. By turning off all of the lights from 8 to 9 p.m. in Downtown, Midtown, Atlantic Station and Buckhead, Atlanta will be only one city in a global event to demonstrate their concern for the environment. San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Copenhagen, Toronto, Sydney, Bangkok and Manila are among some of the cities that will going dark on March 29. So, this is a call to arms for all Atlanta citizens, show your concern for the environment and turn off your lights, it will be a rather interesting show to not be able to see the Atlanta skyline all lit up.

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