by Megan McLaughlin

The economy has certainly seen better days and although jobs are few and far between, many companies have recently seen an increase in the availability of jobs. Solar Energy companies seem to be doing quite well as far as jobs are concerned. If you are looking to jump start or change your career and have been held back due to the state of the economy, perhaps you may be interested in looking into solar energy companies.

For example, one company in particular is boasting many wonderful jobs right now; SunPower. According to the history on their website, “SunPower has been developing world record-breaking solar technology since the 1970s.” Today, they “continue to provide high-energy solar systems for the world’s business and technology leaders, governmental agencies, retailers and other entities, along with the highest-efficiency solar panels for international residential customers.”

With job offerings across the country and around the world that include Accounting, Customer Service, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and so much more, SunPower is certainly holding up pretty well during this tough economic time. They also offer great benefits including health and employee solar purchase benefits. Not many companies offer that kind of incentive!

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No matter what, Experience will always been one of your greatest resources for starting and building on your career… Sign in or join today!

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