by Megan McLaughlin

…so why not do something to make banking clean? Banking and managing credit cards can all be done from the internet – completely paperless! Banks and credit card companies are now, more than ever, offering “paperless” statements and banking. Here are a few ways to do your part when managing your finances.

Many banks offer paperless statements and online bill paying; you just receive an email notification instead of a paper statement in the mail and you can write checks electronically. These methods are faster and so much easier for you, too! All of your information is at your fingertips and following the activity on your account is always just a click away.

Paperless, online banking is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the headache of waiting for a paper bill in the mail! Planet Green is encouraging people to think of it this way; “Every time you receive a paper bill in the mail, the paper for the bill has to be created, the ink for the printers has to be expended, the paper bill must be placed in a paper envelope and delivered to a mail center by truck or plane, then brought to your doorstep…” See how many instances of environmental damage you can avoid just by making online banking easier for yourself anyway?!

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