Better Blown Insulation installed an eco-friendly cotton insulation, versus the traditional fiberglass insulation, in the Atlanta Green Home. This particular type of insulation was made from cellulose which reduces the irritation to skin, as well as to the nose and throat. The cellulose insulation was put in the Green House because it is made from 85% recycled paper fiber and is a high efficiency thermal product. This means that the insulation will hold more heat in the house so that the home will use less energy to keep the home at a comfortable temperature year-round. This will not only help the environment, but reduce the lucky home owners’ energy bills as well! Although the cellulose insulation was not only used because of its environmentally friendly qualities, it is also safer than the tradition fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass contains formaldehyde which is not only toxic, but also increases the symptoms of asthma and allergies for both the families living in the homes as well as for the workers who install the material. Although some may have concerns about the durability of the new cotton insulations-have no fear! The product is treated with a boron based solution that makes the product more fire retardant, reduces mold and mildew growth, as well as keeps pests away. And, the solution is an EPA registered material that has a lower toxicity than table salt. This product seems like the perfect solution for all homes throughout Atlanta and although calling Better Blown Insulation is one way to get this green building standard for your next project, homeowners can also buy cotton based insulations at most building supply stores to install on their own.

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