This year at the International Builder’s Show the New American Home – a “real world” laboratory demonstrating new concepts, materials, designs and construction techniques – was all Green in honor of its 25th anniversary. Attendees of this year’s IBS were treated to a tour of the new home located in the prestigious 11-lot golf and country club, Waters Edge, in Orlando. The 6,725 sq-ft plantation-style house was loaded with cutting edge technology for energy efficiency and green features like:

  • the front hall cupola that acts as a solar chimney by drawing hot air up and out as it rises naturally to the highest point in the home, augmenting the cooling process and decreasing demand on the mechanical cooling systems
  • a sealed, fully conditioned attic that eliminates the intrusion of moisture-laden air and unwanted rust and mold and tempers the space, which means a cooler attic and better operating efficiencies of air handling equipment and ductwork placed within
  • native landscaping, including live oaks, magnolia and dwarf hollies, which need less water and irrigation and their placement helps shade the home from the hot sun

The home will be Energy Star rated and is a certified green home, and it is for sale.

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