Saturday, September 24 is Moving Planet Day. What will be your mode of moving?

Moving Planet is a day in which the entire world is asked to make a call for climate action and move beyond fossil fuels.

On that day, people are urged to bike, skate, march, run or walk to send out the message that our climate needs help.

There will be groups moving around national capitals, state houses and city halls, and others hosting their own Moving Planet Day events.

One such organization will be taking participants on a bike tour of metro Chicago real estate that promotes sustainability to the neighborhoods of suburban Oak Park.

You might know that Oak Park, Illinois, was the city in which the greatest architect of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright, spent the first 20 years of his career.

But did you know that the term “organic architecture” — the practice of building a structure to unite seamlessly with the nature around it — is a term that was coined by Wright? The practice is widely used in green building today.

While Wright’s Oak Park home and studio are not on Saturday’s tour, the event is sure to inspire all homeowners to add green initiatives to their own abodes.

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Happy moving!

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