By Megan McLaughlin

Its spring and the world is looking green again, but just seeing green isn’t always enough; being green is always important too. With Green Home Environmental Store, you can shop for the latest and greatest green products for every room of the house! Even if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, you’ll want to check it out because it may be a great place to pick up a few things or, if nothing else, a wonderful resource for new, green products and ideas!

Whether it’s the bathroom, the bedroom, living room, dining room, or even garage, Green Home has something to offer! Earning itself the title of “#1 search result for ‘environmental products’ on Google,” Green Home is certainly no stranger to the World Wide Web. The site is very easy to navigate, offering several different browsing options from a clickable map of the home, to products and specific categories and even gift ideas.

Within each section of the clickable home map, you can choose from each room in the house and your search is narrowed, from there, down to “Department Areas.” For example, within the living room, you can view chairs, couches, chests, carpet cleaners, accessories, tables and more. From there, you can choose to see the “Better Selling Products” or continue your search within a specific department area of that room.

If you you’re looking for a new way to go about your spring cleaning or if you’re in search of better products for yourself and your family, Green Home Environmental Store is the place to go; one stop, green shopping is one of the best ways to outfit your home and treat yourself and Mother Nature to something new!

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