going-green-080609-spence-hvac.JPGSpence Heating and Air, Inc. completed the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts) for Atanta’s Green House yesterday. The team chose EnergyStar heating and cooling systems from Lenox in order to keep with the green building standard. These great products can reduce heating costs by 40% and cooling costs by as much as 60%! Not only will they save the lucky homeowner who buys this Green House money on their monthly bills, but they are also great for our environment. The Environmental Protection going-green-hvac-install-080610-3.JPGAgency (EPA) even states that if just one in ten households installs these energy efficient HVACs , that over 17 billion pounds of pollution will be kept out of our air! A special thanks to Spence Heating and Air, Inc. for all of their hard work. Spence Heating and Air is out of Snellville and was founded in 1954. They perform efficient and high quality work and are happy to learn more about green products and take part in the Going Green Project.

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