The Exterior of the Green HouseYou still have the opportunity to bid on the Brock Built Green House. By purchasing this green built new home in Atlanta, you will be able to have one original story to tell visitors. There is no other house in Atlanta that is quite as unique as the Brock Built Green House. This house represents many different local companies coming together for one great cause, and it utilizes many of the most up-to-date green building practices. Bidding began only a couple of weeks ago, and ends this Friday, October 3rd. Remember that you are not just buying a new home but making a tremendous donation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. All of the proceeds from the Green House auction benefit CHOA, improving the healthcare for Atlanta’s youth. Of course, I would never recommend purchasing a house that you have not seen, so take advantage of the available tours. has showcased quite a few of the green features found in the Green House, from organic pesticides to cellulose insulation. You can find almost everything you need to know about the Green House on our website. Do your research, once you read more about the Green House, I am sure you will be inspired to take a tour of the unique house and place a bid so that you can call it home.

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