by Megan McLaughlin

Summer time is all about relaxing and taking it easy and for many, getting away for some R & R. Plenty of people head to the beach, but many will also plan vacations and one of the most popular ways to vacation is going on a cruise. However, this may not be the best way to try and save Mother Nature some angst. Give the environment a break this summer. Check out how this cruise line is pitching in!

According to Andrea Bennett of Travel + Leisure online, “Royal Caribbean recently invested millions of dollars into energy conservation and limiting waste dumping. And lines such as Holland America, Princess, and Celebrity are continuing to become more environmentally friendly.” Its true! is reporting that, “Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines have added General Electric’s alternative engine technology — gas turbine — to their newest ships. This system reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 80% and sulfur oxide by 98%. As an added relaxation bonus, the engine is less noisy than traditional ones.”

Trying to plan your cruise with ships that are becoming less damaging to the environment is great, but another thing you can do is depart from a port that is close to home. This will save on your travel costs too! Your travel time will be reduced and so will the negative impact on the environment.

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