Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of drain cleaners. Not only harmful to humans, these tough cleaning products can seriously harm the natural environment. One way to eliminate harmful cleaners from the home is to buy natural drain cleaners. These products don’t always have the same cleaning power as the toxic cleaners, but some would say it is worth the health of mother nature.

However, the newest and most exciting alternative to using toxic drain cleaners is the PermaFLOW drain. This is a transparent drain which has been engineered to remove drain build up before clogs even start to develop. The Green drain simply eliminates the need for secondary maintenance products like harmful liquid drain cleaners. PermaFLOW also works well with environmentally friendly low-flow faucets that support water conservation.

As the world’s greenest building, Independence Station has taken a particular interest in the PermaFLOW drain, developed by PF Waterworks. The green building has partnered with PF waterworks and is incorporating the self cleaning drain into Independence Station’s sustainable construction. The benefits of using this particular drain are two-fold as they contribute to the efficient use of water and eliminate the use of one chemical and pollutant used in the home.

The partnership with PF Waterworks is another impressive step in the right direction for Independence Station. What they do next in the way of sustainable construction is something to look forward to.

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